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Inspired Learning offers general support along with a specialized focus

in Reading and Writing in the Humanities - as well as college academics.

To truly support students, it’s important to understand the particular challenges for each stage of their education. My approach and strategies change for each student at each stage, keeping in mind his/her personality, learning profile, and past struggles.


The challenges of these years are diverse. Development is uneven, and the coursework usually picks up considerably. Some schools use these years as a weeding process, increasing the pressure to identify and counsel out students who won’t be able to keep up in upper school. It can be a very stressful time for kids, socially too, and their performance can dip suddenly. I offer support to improve academic performance, along with self-esteem. Meet Joe.


This transition can be overwhelming. Some students ignore their struggles. Others become anxious and obsessive about their work, studying long hours inefficiently. I can be instrumental in establishing good habits early on and ensuring a smooth transition. As college looms, pressure intensifies and sports and extracurricular activities pick up, I can offer a regular, supportive check-in to stay on top of larger, long-term projects and prioritize the many demands on their time and energy. Meet Paul.


Understanding literature, especially the classics, improves students' analytical abilities, while the regular practice of writing – about anything – improves their command of the craft and overall confidence with a blank page. 


Students become active readers when they learn to interact with the text and integrate its content into their frame of reference. When reading is no longer a passive pouring of information, students feel more connected to the material and more enthusiastic about what they’re learning. 


Beyond the humanities, I tutor general skills in most subjects, including middle and upper school French. I coach students in executive functioning and to be curious about how they learn, which in turn makes them more effective self-advocates and independent problem-solvers.


Inspired Learning means teaching the student beyond the material. Often addressing the process by which they learn course content is just as important as covering content. Students who know how they learn best will be able to improve their performance in any course or test. While I address gaps in student knowledge and understanding, the student and I work in tandem to figure out why those gaps are there and what he/she can do in the future to improve attention, retention and understanding. That self-awareness builds a life-long positive, proactive approach to any challenge.

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