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The one-on-one format of tutoring is ideal for my style and values as an educator.

With a Master’s Degree from Teacher’s College at Columbia University and a BA in French from Hamilton College in upstate New York, my career in education began over 15 years ago.


"Early in my career I realized I was most interested in teaching to the student."


I've always been eager to help those in school. Starting at the high school level, I guided friends in completing their college application essays with success, and continued this initiative at the under-graduate level where I assisted many classmates in fine-tuning and editing their theses.


In college, I also  served as a Teaching Assistant for most of my undergraduate years. Upon graduation, it was a natural step for me to take on the role of French teacher, my concentration - and I landed at the historic Darrow School in the Berkshire region. While teaching beginner-to-advanced French, I also managed a girl's dormitory and tutored students in various subjects and study skills.


After my masters at Teacher’s College, I sharpened my business skills in the area of fundraising, and migrated back to the classroom as a yoga teacher. Blending my passion for teaching both academics and physical connectivity, I began teaching yoga to adults and tutoring upper and middle school students over six years ago - and never looked back.

Inspired approach:  Subject content, while vital, to me is secondary to understanding how each student learns and what motivates them. I believe teaching should be flexible and malleable. As a tutor in any subject or skill-set, my approach is completely customized to the student. In my years at the Darrow School and as a private tutor in New York City, I’ve worked with strong students to further improve their writing skills as well as those with general malaise. I also guide students struggling with ADHD, Dyslexia, other language-based learning disabilities, along with mild depression and anxiety. I'm proud to say, my private practice has quickly been established as a respected and effective tutoring resource in the New York metro region. Ready to take the first step?


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